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60 X 120 X 16

Final price with tax and delivery will be figured depending on the specifications chosen.

What will your material package come with?

Floor Plan

Each floor plan has been designed by our engineering team to ensure building strength. This floor plan shows an optimized location for your overhead door, walk door, and windows. Your walk doors and windows can be moved around to better serve the needs of your building.

However, your overhead door locations, if placed on the end wall or side wall, need to be constructed on the wall as designed. This is due to header sizes and strength designed to carry the load of the opening, which can vary on need depending on the door location.


Each column is a 3 – Ply 2 x 6 laminated column manufactured at BG Supply’s truss plant. Each 2 x 6 is individually treated for decay or insect damage. 

You will want to avoid solid 6 x 6 posts that you might find in other material packages. These columns are unable to be treated all the way through, making them suspected of rotting from the inside out.

Overhead Door

Your material package will NOT include your overhead door. Due to the numerous designs and features that each overhead offers, we want to give you the ability to pick the right overhead door for your building. We suggest that you reach out to an overhead door company in your area, such as Fairmount, DC Doors, or Midwest Garage Door company. Once your building is completed, they will come out and install your overhead door.


Your package will come with color-matched screws with a stainless steel head.


Our engineers prefer 29 gauge, heat-treated, full-hard, high-tensile steel with a minimum yield point of 80,000 PSI. The harder steel used by our design team provides increased resistance to impact damage from hail, rocks, and accidents.

Your steel will have a Galvalume substrate coating, providing the longest possible life. Galvalume is a combination of zinc, silicon, and aluminum that continues to battle corrosion and rust 2-4 times longer than the galvanized steel commonly used by other builders.


Our professional in-house engineering staff uses the latest computer-aided design and simulation systems to ensure strength and structural integrity. Pre-engineered metal-plated wood trusses are designed per ASCE 7 standards. We manufacture our trusses in-house under stringent quality control standards. Our truss plant is regularly certified by a third-party Truss Plate Institute inspection service.

You’ll want to avoid material packages where the trusses are not certified by a third party. You could potentially encounter inadequate quality or improper handling.

Walk Door

Our steel walk doors come in four different styles and offer protection against the demands of nature. Steel doors with a thermal barrier prevent wintertime heat loss and summertime heat gain. They also protect against interior condensation. Steel doors made of pultruded fiberglass offer the ultimate protection against weather extremes as this material is corrosion-resistant and electrically insulative. 


We use leading window manufacturers to give you unlimited size and style options. A J-channel and integral nailing fin make for a quick and easy installation. An overlapping, interlocking meeting rail guard against weather infiltration and a ¾” insulating glass unit and Intercept spacer system provide increased energy efficiency to save on your energy bill. Four different glass options are available to offer the best option for your needs.

Other Material Packages